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Tiny Treasures Nursery 

TinyTreasuresNursery offers plants intended for rock gardens, bonsai and container gardening, and the like. Located in Oregon, this company sells to garden centers but apparently also sells to the general public. Their price list is separate from the plant's pictures so you'll have to surf around a bit to find what you're looking for, but all in all they appear to have a nice variety of items. Go visit their site.

Plant Search 

Jody in Australia has a site named Plant Search. She offers a variety of seeds, groundcovers, herbs and shrubs, among others. Jody writes a gardening column and appears on a weekly gardening program so obviously knows what she sells. Go out and visit her site soon.


The name conjurs up memories of the musical, South Pacific, doesn't it? Ian contacted me to tell me about his mail order nursery. I'm sure glad he did because the name is enough to make me hear Rossano Brazzi and Mitzi Gaynor singing. Not to mention he specializes in one of my all time favorite plants - hostas. I love hostas and their company carries a nice selection along with other plants such as lilies and crocosmia. The blue ones are spectacular and Ian carries a huge variety.

Bali-Hai Nursery is a family owned company located in northern Ireland. Go visit them soon and sign up for their e-newsletter.

Seed and Garden 

Kurt contacted me asking if I would provide a link to his site. Located in Michigan, Seed and Garden is a smaller company offering some interesting plant seeds. My favorites are the California Redwood and White Pine trees. They also have vegetable and vine seeds as well as potting items. Go check them out - you'll be glad you did.

Ed Hume Seeds 

Ed Hume Seeds in Washington specializes in the best seeds for short seasons and cool climates. They carry veggies and flowers along with gift items such as notecards and magnets. You can even order a gardening book autographed by Ed Hume himself.

Mountain Valley Growers 

I was looking for information about lemon geraniums the other day and came across Mountain Valley Growers. They are located in Squaw Valley, California and offer a wide variety of herbs and perennials. The company also has a monthly email newsletter worth reading.

Big Leaf Orchids 

I was searching for information about a Phalaenopsis orchid I had purchased for my husband and found Big Leaf Orchids. It's a small mail order business run from the owner's home. They offer some beautiful orchids so visit soon.

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