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Free trees and plants 

I learned about a new site today while reading the garden section of the newspaper. Freetreesandplants.com is just that. Surplus plants from nurseries are packaged and labeled by disabled persons and sent to you. All you do is pay $6.95 shipping and handling per unit. Each unit is different depending on weight, but is generally 2 to 5 plants. Freetreesandplants.com offers trees, shrubs, perennials, and bulbs so visit their site soon.

Not exactly a plant source 

...but it's a great result from grapes. Frey Wine is made not only from organically grown grapes, but without any added sulfites. Translated that means no headaches for those of us who get them from red wine. Best of all, there are no animal products used in the making of Frey Wines, such as egg whites, gelatin, or dairy-derived substances. Bentonite clay is the only processing aid used, as a refining agent for the white wines. So, it's great for vegetarians. Frey Wine absolutely does have a better flavor (I have a bottle in my kitchen right now), and I recommend you try it.

Roses and more 

I came across a really neat site today, Hortico Nursery. They sell roses perennials and flowering shrubs to wholesalers, garden centers, and the general garden lover. The thing I enjoyed about them is that not only do they not use chemicals ("We are also committed to a low-chemical, low-pesticide approach, which accounts for some of the weeds you may see lurking around [Plants out of place!!!]"), they invite customers to come roam around in their fields in Canada, but they remind everyone to bring their boots and a picnic lunch. They offer over 3000 varieties of plants and you can download their catalogs in pdf version to browse. Go visit their site today. You'll be glad you did.

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Thanks to Andrew Stenning who contributed the photograph for our masthead