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Lily lover? 

Are you a lily lover? Do you excitedly anticipate the first sign of the lilies pushing their way through the early spring ground? Are you guessing which genus will bloom first and what color you will view? Well, here's a site for you. The North American Lily Society provides information about various lilies, answers questions about culture and diseases, and publishes quarterly bulletins as well as an annual yearbook.  They even have a seed exchange, but it appears you have to be a member to participate.  Membership is $20 a year, or $55 for 3.  If you look forward to gorgeous lilies in the spring, visit their site. 

A touch of nature 

Here's a nice little site called Touch of Nature. They offer bulbs and perennials and are happy to answer your gardening questions via email. Touch of Nature also provides a garden forum for discussion of ideas and techniques. And they have a guestbook that gives you a 10% discount if you sign in. Give them a visit soon - their Fall selections are coming in.

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Thanks to Andrew Stenning who contributed the photograph for our masthead