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The Banana Tree 

No this company doesn't just sell banana plants. They have a huge selection of a variety of tropical plants and seeds. The Banana Tree, located in Easton Pennsylvania, has been in existence since 1955. They offer palms, gingers, herbs, oriental veggies, and of course banana plants. They also have seeds from abelmoschus "musk mallow" to zygocactus "Thanksgiving cactus". Go out and visit their site soon - I think you'll be impressed.

Organica Seed 

Organica Seed offers all seeds organic. Well, not all but they do have a tremendous variety of veggies, herbs and flowers. Based in Massachusetts, they hand pack their untreated seeds as customer orders come in. You can buy individual seed packets or collections of each variety of peppers or tomatoes or other vegetables they sell.

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Thanks to Andrew Stenning who contributed the photograph for our masthead