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Earthly Goods 

Stephen Brown contacted me the other day and asked if I would add a link to his site on my links page. Well Stephen, I'll do one better and give the folks a little more info about your products. In business for 11 years, Stephen and his family offer a wide variety of seeds - perennials, wildflower, herbs, annuals, and grasses. In addition, Earthly Goods sells custom seed packets for special occasions such as weddings and anniversaries, personalized seed packets for fundraising or trade shows, and you can even design your own seed packet for direct mail or gifts. This company carries a variety of garden accessories - I personally like the ceramic tree frogs - and tools. Stephen also produces a free monthly e-newsletter providing garden tips and information about new products. Go visit Earthly Goods soon but make sure you have a comfy chair and a cup of coffee when you do - you'll be there for quite awhile.

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