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For our Canadian friends - Seeds of Diversity 

Have you heard of Seeds of Diversity? It's a Canadian charitable organization dedicated to the conservation, documentation and use of public-domain non-hybrid plants of Canadian significance. The group is all volunteer and their site lists an extensive database of plants and seeds. Members can participate in the seed exchange and receive a magazine from the group three times a year. The site also includes links to a number of websites that sell plants and seeds. Gardeners outside of Canada are accepted as members but have to be aware of what is allowed to be imported and exported.

Perennial Pleasures 

I stumbled across this site the other day - Perennial Pleasures Nursery. They've been around since 1980 as a small family run business offering a variety of plants and seeds. This company has a nice selection of plants like edelweiss, sweet pea, peony (my personal favorite) and jacob's ladder. Then there's the herbs - are you looking for lovage? They have it. How about motherwort? They have that too. Their prices are pretty reasonable and they ship just about anywhere. Go visit their site when you get a chance. It's well worth the time.

John Scheeper 

I was leafing through the mail today and saw an advertisement for Consumer Reports. As I glanced through the brochure, I saw a reference to John Scheeper's bulbs. So of course I had to see if there is a website and there is. John Scheepers offers a wide variety of bulbs that do well in northern climates. There's also a sister site, Kitchen Garden Seeds, selling gourmet vegetable, fruit, herb and flower seeds. With Valentine's Day approaching, you may want to consider the Valentine's Day Red garden featuring swiss chard, bell peppers and tomatoes among other plants. Both are great sites to visit and I'll be sure to include them in my links page.

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Thanks to Andrew Stenning who contributed the photograph for our masthead