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Territorial Seed Company 

On my quest to learn about artichokes, I happened upon Territorial Seed Company. Vegetable seeds (including artichokes), flower seeds, live plants and a variety of other items are offered on their site. Their seed packets are available in retail stores but you can also buy direct. The company also has a newsletter for which you can receive via email. If you prefer to curl up in a comfy chair and look through catalogs, you can request that too - not the chair just the catalog. Go out and take a look.

Ty Ty Nursery 

Here's an online nursery and bulb company with a rather unusual name. Ty Ty Nursery has been in business since 1978 and sells a wide variety of trees, shrubs, bulbs, grapes and berries. They offer same day shipping and a one year guarantee on their plants. There is a minimum order of $50, but that won't be an amount difficult to reach once you start making your list. They do have an online order form, but you'll need to either call their toll-free number or complete the order form and mail it to place your order.

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Thanks to Andrew Stenning who contributed the photograph for our masthead